Monday, January 21, 2008

I should be studying but i really don't care!

Today, I went to the FABULOUS king of prussia mall for the first time....(Tragic??? yes I know). While I was there, I discovered the absolute thrill of Urban Outfitters....I did not realize that I had such a fantastic store right at my fingertips. Not only did it have fantastic clothes, they had fun books, cool music, and stupendous decorations. Seriously, as soon as I got home, I had the urge to paint my whole room and decopouge everything I could get my hands on!
Here are my purchases from the Mother of All Stores.

These are acutally snakeskin, but I couldn't find a picture of them!

Until Next Time

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dress For Less

It has been a short while since I have posted on this lovely blog, so if I have any readers, then I apologize to you!
Christmas was delightful, and I have been taking advantage of the FANTASMAGORICAL after Christmas sales.
In other news, Masterpiece Theatre is starting a Jane Austen Extravaganza which starts next Sunday at 9 p.m. Being a die hard Janeite myself, I can hardly wait. This long awaited event has put me in a very British Frame of Mind, and therefore, have been walking around my house speaking with a British accent, and dreaming of tall, dark and handsome men in neck cravets.

And now, for some outfits!

This was my outfit that I wore to church today!

Recently thrifted and revamped Louis!!

Erin Featherston from Tar-jay!!! $11. 25 each!!! so siked
Until next time!!!!