Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh Snap!!!

The world of summer fashion has officially hit my doorstep! I have been living in sandals, skirts, dresses, and shorts. Managing to stay cool while at the same time, exposing the rest of the world to my "fish belly white" my mom so lovingly refers to them!
Anyway, I just got my course schedule/options for courses for next year!! I'm going to be taking a visual literacy course for my fashion class of the semester. I'm not really sure what it entails, but im super psyched nonetheless!!

Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Calvin Klein $14
Shoes: Old Navy (these are ancient...i really should get some new deck shoes)
Scarf: Christmas Present..

Tank: VanHeusen $ there and buy clothes there!
Shirt: Urban Outfitters from Gabes!!!! It was only $6
Capris: Thrifted $9
Shoes: Loeffler Randall from Target..$15

Tank: Old Navy...again ancient
Shirt: Bathing Suit top from Target $10
Jeans: Calvin Klein $ pair of jeans that I have ever owned!
Shoes: WalMart $ trusty pair from Payless fell apart...
Hat: Birthday Gift from Nine West

Tank: VanHeusen $6
Shirt: Thrifted $4.50
Jeans: Aeropostale $7
Shoes: Rue21 $6.50
In other news, I am going to head over to Wears Like New and try to sell them some of my old shoes that I never wear anymore..toodles!


Vintage Vinyl said...

Ooh! I like the last outfit the best.
That course sounds interesting!

Honeymoon said...

After Paris Fashion Week...Paris Urban Art ! Come to see this new post ! And thank u very much for ur comment !

See u !