Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Acadamy Awards....Red Carpet Dahling!!!!

This is the one award show that I can actually stand to sit through.
I think part of the reason, is the Red Carpet Pre-show..
If fabulosity were actually a word, it would apply to this event.
Here are my best *and worst* picks of the night.


Has Amy Adams been in anything other than "Enchanted"?? Loved this dress, and the bag was simply splendid!

I loved the unique quality of this dress. I am not generally a huge fan of red dresses, but this one took the cake!

So this was probably one of my favorite dresses of the night! I loved it. The details at the bottom were great, and I loved how she had her hair in a ponytail! Tres Chic!

Cameron caught a lot of flack for this dress, but I really like it. The color is so soft, and the design so simplistic, that you pretty much can't go wrong with this!

So Ellen Page just looked cute! I loved the flapper-esqe dress!

Another Dress that I absolutley loved!!! loved the nude color, and I thought the necklace made the whole thing look very eclectic, which I love!

I had to post my favorite guy!!! I was unsure of who he actually was when he first came onto the carpet, but i knew that he looked good! I thought that Javier was pretty much the best dressed guy in the place!

I am sorry that the images are so small...however I am sure that you get the general gist!
Next time I will post some outfits, if I can get my camera up and running that is;-)

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